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Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science

Master's degree in Mathematics

For the A.Y. 2021-2022, 30 slots available for international students (12 scholarships)

Duration: 2 years
Start date: October 1, 2021.
Total number of hours (number of ECTS credits): 3000 hours (120 ECTS credits)

Admission requirements:Bachelor Degree in Mathematics. We also accept applications by students with a Bachelor 

The Master’s Degree in Mathematics is one of the Masters provided by the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of Unical.

It has a very long tradition, being one of the first courses of our University. Lectures are held at the Department and the Campus area offers a variety of facilities to students.


Learning objectives and outcomes

The Master’s Degree in Mathematics provides students with advanced knowledge of pure and applied mathematics, history and didactics of mathematics, and computer science. Students will develop abilities in mathematical reasoning, problem solving and mathematical modelling. Students have also several opportunities of studying abroad, one option being the Erasmus+ mobility programs. At the end of the course, graduates can be employed in several working sectors such as banks, I.T. companies and insurance companies. Graduates can also continue their training towards teaching mathematics and science and doing research in public and private institutes.


Main topics

The Master’s Degree in Mathematics offers courses in:

Algebra, Geometry and Topology, Real and Functional Analysis, Differential Equations, Mathematical Physics, Operational Research, Statistics, Numerical Analysis, Informatics, History of Mathematics and Didactics of Mathematics.


Employability and careers

More than 90% of the graduates are employed within three years.



Pure and Applied Mathematics. Didactics and History of Mathematics.


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